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2019 Library News

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Library lessons timetable:
Monday: 2 Jade, 3 Saphire, 6 Ruby
Tuesday: 3/4 Sunstone, 3 Topaz, 4 Quartz
Wednesday: 1/2 Diamond, k/1 Onyx, K Aquamarine, 5/6 Cobalt
Thursday: 1 Moonstone, 4/5 Emerald
Friday: K Opal, 2 Pearl, 1 Amethyst, 5 Jasper
Remember to bring your books back on your library day. You can also borrow before or after school. 
If you are away on your library day, please remember to borrow another day to make sure 
you earn a point for yourself and your class!
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lost books



Thank you to the many families this year who have returned books that were borrowed in 2018. Unfortunately there are still a lot of books outstanding from last year. Overdue notices have been sent out to over 200 students. These notices list books that were due back before the end of last term. Please help your child look for their books and remind them to return them as soon as possible. Lost books need to be paid for at the office. Borrowing will be restricted for students with overdue books.


Years 3-6 students: Remember that when you read a fabulous book you can write a review on Orbit for our school community to read. Your review needs a title, a rating and at least 5 complete sentences that outline what the book's about, why you like it and who you would recommend it to. After you save the review, it is sent to Miss Campbell. When it is approved, it will be available for everyone to read. Now, that's pretty exciting! 

To write a review:

1. log onto Orbit through the student portal

2. click on the 'My Library' tab

3. click on the 'Loan History' tab

4. click on the title of your chosen book

4. click on the word 'reviews', after the words 'Reader Rating'

5. click on the pen and paper and off you go! 

6. check your work carefully, press save and wait to hear if your review has been approved! A message will be sent to you on Orbit on the 'Messages' tab within a couple of days. Then let everyone know to check it out!


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