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5 Jasper

Welcome to 5 Jasper with Mr Cox.

We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging year of learning and fun. 

Yes I Can!

Our class motto is "Yes I can," which was inspired by a film of paralympians and other disabled people doing amazing things despite their disabilities (see the link below). 

Yes I can!

When we think of the phrase "Yes I can" in 5 Jasper we remember that when something is challenging us we can all find a different way, or access some support, that will help us to achieve our goals. The children will shortly be setting themselves individual goals to work towards, to ensure that they continue to make  progress throughout the year.

Harry Potter

Magical beginnings

5 Jasper are following a Harry Potter theme this year. The students in class have been sorted into houses, and our classroom environment is a magical place.


Days to remember

·         Monday – whole school assembly

·         Tuesday – Creative Art RFF with Mrs Barnard

·         Wednesday – Culture Class (odd weeks)

·         Thursday – Computer Lab

·         Friday – Stage Sport, Life Skills lesson, Technology lesson & Library lesson


Class Dojo 

We use ClassDojo as a way of blogging, keeping a portfolio of work and also communicating between class and home. All 5 Jasper families are encouraged to sign up, and should already have the invitation. Any questions, concerns or request for technical assistance should please come to Mr Cox.



At the end of the first week, the children in 5 Jasper were very excited be be sorted into their houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw). They each sat with the Sorting Hat on their had, and waited to be told which house they would be placed in.

What fun!

Sorting Hat





5 Jasper

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