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Targeted Early Numeracy

St Marys Noth PS is implementing the Targeted Early Numeracy (TEN) intervention program in all K-2 classrooms. TEN complements the regular numeracy program. The program sets clear expectations against the Mathematics K–6 syllabus on what children should be able to do in addition and subtraction by the end of each school year.

The TEN model includes

  • short, focused, frequent numeracy sessions (typically 10 minute blocks);
  • strategically targeted activities focusing on addition and subtraction; and
  • monitoring of student progress.

Please click on the links below for activities to do at home with your child to help improve their numeracy understandings and skills. Games can be found on our Parent Page.

Additionally a numeracy resource for parents/carers providing ideas on how to help children develop skills in counting and number is available various languages at the following link:

Help with Counting

Number Sense