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Every day matters

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We know that every school day matters for our learners. Thanks to families like yours, we improved school attendance across the state from 85.2% to 88.1% in 2023.

To further improve school attendance this year, we're providing families with additional resources and support.

Why does attendance matter? Let’s do the maths...

Did you know that if your child misses one day a fortnight, that’s 40 days of school, 4 weeks of lessons, and over one year lost over their school life? Missing a day here or there may not seem like much, but absences add up and can impact your child’s learning more than you think. 

Be it Mondays, Fridays, school carnivals or sporting days, every day matters when it comes to your child's learning. Parents should reconsider going on holidays or taking casual days off during the school term.

While school is a place to learn, it’s not just about maths and science. It’s also about providing students structure, building confidence, developing good habits and creating healthy emotional bonds. It’s about the in-jokes, confiding in friends and grabbing the best handball spot on the playground.  

When your child misses school, they miss out on these key social moments. 

Need help with attendance? 

We understand that there are many reasons why a student might not attend school. It's important to talk to your child's school about the reason for their absence.

Schools can support families and students with attendance matters. For more attendance advice, resources and support, check out Every day matters.

Video - Every day matters (duration 0:30)